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GAS Blog Launches

December 4, 2008 | Author: Tal Ater | Filed under: Site news

This first post marks the launch of the GAS blog.

My name is Tal Ater, and I am the founder and developer of Green Any Site.

I will be using this blog not only to keep you posted on new developments with GAS, but also as a venue to make GAS completely transparent to you. This will be the place where I’ll be posting complete financial data on all the money we raise through your use of GAS, as well as complete data on where the money goes and what it is used for. That means posting receipts from the charities we support, as well as financial details from the sites we’ve helped green (when that does not compromise their affiliate agreement).

So stick around, and let’s hope we can make this holiday season just a bit greener.

Green Any Site

With Green Any Site, you can easily donate a portion of any online purchase to the environmental charity of your choice. It’s free, there’s nothing to install, and it takes just a quick click each time you buy something.

Here’s how it works: Web retailers (think Amazon, pay other sites a percentage of each purchase for referrals. When you use GAS, all of that money goes to supporting green causes, instead of ending up in somebody else’s pocket.

Visit to get started.

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Tal Ater - Gravatar

Tal Ater said on December 4, 2008, 1:58 am:

Talk to me Goose!

Jen - Gravatar

Jen said on December 8, 2008, 11:01 pm:

Can’t wait to use GAS and post my results on my blog and facebook! Keep me posted and I’ll check back here.

P.S. “Talk to me Goose!” – good one!
“I feel the need… the need for speed”
“Come on, Mav, do some of that pilot sh*t!”

Cass - Gravatar

Cass said on December 14, 2008, 2:05 am:

Hi there!

I have a webstore and I’d like to enable GAS on it – how do I do so? You say you work with affiliate schemes, are there particular programs with particular sites you are limited to [ie the big guys] or can smaller online retailers contribute too? I think this would be a worth question for your FAQ, as I’m sure you’ll find many smaller retailers curious and wanting to support such a program, and it doesn’t seem at all obvious how this works and whether or not they’ll be able to do so.



Tal Ater - Gravatar

Tal Ater said on December 14, 2008, 2:19 pm:

We work with any affiliate program you have, though we do prefer the bigger ones when possible (simply because there’s usually a minimum amount before each affiliate network sends the monthly payment, and if it’s a small one it may take months before that amount is reached).

A search for “affiliate” on any search engine should lead you to plenty of affiliate networks that can handle the logistics of running an affiliate program. Just make sure that your affiliates (e.g. – us) can create an affiliate link to any page on your site.

I hope you’ve installed GAS and will be using it yourself in your shopping.


P.S. – I will be adding a question like this to the FAQ, thanks.

Omer Nesher - Gravatar

Omer Nesher said on December 16, 2008, 3:02 am:

Way to go! i’m so proud of you, good luck.

Tobias - Gravatar

Tobias said on December 21, 2008, 10:31 pm:

Hi Tal, i love your idea and the easy way you realised it. Thats a great and easy user experience so I will click the bookmark whenever I shop.

Here are a view suggestions to make it even better:
– add trust to your blog by using the same theme as on the main page.
– a firefox-plugin would be great that tells me on every site you have a contract with “hey, click here to make the link/page green” and even a feature-checkbox “green every amazon(…) link automatically”. Why? Even if your bookmarklet is great ther is still a good chance that I will forget to click it at the right moment.
– with this firefox-plugin you could also say “this link is already green”. (I am thinking of those message-boxes like “save passwort” at the top of the screen that dont go in the way).
– maybe easier: build a geasemonkey-script with those features
– this script could also change every amazon-link on the search-result-page already by adding your affiliate-name
– add a “this url is already green” to the bookmarklet if I click it twice.
– publish a list of the sites you have a contract with.
– make the bookmarklet tell me if there is a contract allready
– and how much i will give to gas by buing.
– do you track all the sited the bookmarklet is used on? please communicate this if you do so (openness, trust, …)
– make a list of last earend money+site-name on your homepage so everyone can see whats being achived
– support some kind of twitter-word-of-mouth
– important: get a getSatisfaction-account so all the ideas of the community can be managed at a central place… the site is great for this kind of stuff…

thanks and hope to read more soon…

PS: Just wrote about gas at

Tobias - Gravatar

Tobias said on December 21, 2008, 11:41 pm:

One more thing: This plugin for the blog would be great too

Tobias - Gravatar

Tobias said on February 15, 2009, 7:25 pm:

I am just trying to install the bookmarklet on an other system (my working-pc) and want to use my login. But there seems to be no login-page… only registration. =((

Now I have to manually copy the code to the other mashine.
Thats very inconvenient…

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