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Fix Facebook Chat to Only Show Friends Currently Online

July 20, 2011 | Author: Tal Ater | Filed under: Uncategorized

It used to be easy to see which of your friends were online in facebook. But these days, the facebook chat window is cluttered with the friends facebook thinks you should chat with, ignoring who is online and who isn’t, while somehow managing to include all the people you wouldn’t even call during a zombie outbreak, even if they had a collection of medieval weapons.

Facebook chat is broken

In my spare time, I like to dig through facebook’s code, finding hidden gems and secrets (last year I was the first to expose their video chat plans with Skype). So after hearing everyone complain about how broken facebook chat has become, I decided to challenge myself to fix it.

It turns out there’s an easy fix, and it is buried right in facebook’s own code.

All I had to do was change one line of code in one of facebook’s functions, overriding their default definition, and facebook chat became useful and fun again.

I’ve created an easy to use browser addon which you can run and have it fix the chat for you automatically.

Or for the more techno-geeky crowd, you can try it out by getting the code directly from GitHub, and running it in the browser’s console.

Download facebook chat fix

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